Tiny tidbits…

Meal times are long drawn and a struggle… mostly. And Ammu insists that i feed her! I dont force her to eat by herself thinking that this phase will soon be over and i need to this just a few more days maybe. Its like the mommy-baby time… cuddles, coaxing, temper, blackmail… all in a cocktail 🙂

But this post isnt exactly about  mealtimes…

Yesterday… while sitting down for dinner, i kept a separate plate for her and told her to eat by herself… which she refused to do, as always.

Me: How come you eat by yourself in the school but not here?

Ammu: Because mamma is not there in the school! *how dumb of me not to know that 🙂 * What.. teacher is a mamma?

Me: Teacher is like a mamma… she can also be a mamma. But yes… she cant make everyone eat.

Ammu: Haan… R ma’am has a son *after a pause* But… I also have a son 🙂

Me *looking questioningly at her* ❓

Ammu *matter of factly*: Adi is my son na… !!!

Howzzat!!! …. Bowled over 😀

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