Ammu *excitedly*: ‘I’ll go to school… I’ll go to school… i’ll meet my friends!’

Ammu *thoughtfully*: ‘Mamma.. my friends will have grown tall?’

Me *nodding* : Yes… mostly

Ammu: ‘They’ll be as big as you now?’ 😀


Post dinner… my sis is applying Iodex to her aching legs when Adi goes and sits beside her

Adi *stretching his legs and pointing to the Iodex* : I also want!

Sis: Why do you want?

Adi *matter of factly*: because i have cough 🙄


Ammu to my BIL -1: I’ll buy chocolates for you when i grow up!

Sis: He’ll be old then and wont have teeth to eat the chocolates 🙂

Ammu: Whyyyyyyyy? His teeth will fall and grow back again. 🙄


Have a great weekend folks 🙂