Reading and writing are things that i love to do… and so here i am blogging! But then, what if reading takes up all the time? Lately, i’ve been reading a lot… a lot of blogs, to be precise πŸ™‚ ! So much so, that writing has taken a back seat. There were the Bloggadda picks, the posts nominated for contests and some archives too!!Β I wonder if i could have written double the number of posts during this time… considering that i did not have regular work to do πŸ™„

I discovered a lot of beautiful blogs, loved reading them all… And now, i’m in a dilemma. Do i blogroll all of them and read all the updates? Will i be able to manage that? I guess it will become unwieldy! I know..i know… i can read only if i want to and have the time… but then, i feel guilty if i have unread posts in my reader; yes… i’mΒ weirdΒ that way!! 😳

I’m thinking that i’ll just add them to my favorites and read them whenever i feel like. Not a very appealing thought though… i visit the ‘favorites’ only once in a blue moon… mostly when i dont see anything unread on by reader.Β That way i’ll miss out on so much πŸ˜• Thoughts? Anyone?