A celebration of the sweet, cute and nice little moments....

Children, in many ways reflect their parents. Mostly in their mannerisms and sometimes in temperaments.. at least in the initial years. Many of the things that they do, make you sit up and take notice… you wonder if it is the genes! They do quaint things in their inimitable style… makes you want to hug them ,cuddle them… At other times they just want to be heard, they need us to reassure… There are times when they leave you speechless and then there are times when they make you yell and wonder what on earth made you want to have babies!

Adi is on a ‘why?’ spree now-a-days. Anything we tell him will be replied with a ‘why?’
Adi… dont touch the switches.Why? You may get a shock. Why?
Adi… dont play with water. Why? We should not waste water. Why?

Once, my sis unable to answer his nth ‘why’ replied… ‘Because the sky is very high!’ ..[we used to say this a lot in our school days]. To which, he promptly replied ‘ but the sky is in the bedroom… it is not high!’ My sis was puzzled at his statement but was amazed when she realized that he was referring to the glowing stars and planets stuck on their bedroom ceiling!!

On Ugadi day, during pooja, Adi and Ammu were with me observing all that i was doing. While offering the dhoopa/aarti, i realised that the bell is missing. However, i continued with the pooja. When I was done, I stepped out of the pooja room and just after a few moments heard the sound of a bell ringing. I turned around to find that Adi had taken the small bell hung on the door and was moving it over the Gods pictures in a ritualistic manner! At such times, the heart swells with pride and makes you wonder at the thought process at his tender age!

Another Adi feature currently is that he repeats whatever his didi says… the same exact words. We have named him ToTu (parrot)!!

Here’s an exception though! Just a couple of days ago, both of them noticed a squirrel. Ammu comes in and says ‘Mamma i saw squirrel’ Adi follows her and tries to say ‘i saw…’ We try to help by adding ‘squirrel’ Adi says.. ‘No ..i saw cadbury!’. We wonder what that is or how he got such an idea. Ammu says that dada only told him. I literally rolled over the floor laughing when we realised that he was trying to say ‘katberali‘ … for squirrel, in bengali!

And… he wants to wear all the accessories that his didi wears! Sometimes we just let him wear a chain and some bangles. But he also wants her ponytail!! Once when i tied her hair in a ponytail…he went and started pulling her hair. When admonished for doing that, he started crying and said ‘didi is not giving me juttu’ 🙄 [juttu is ponytail in kannada]

As the children grow , they learn a lot of things and act in ways that amuse us and makes us think… about them, their abilities, their traits and personalities ..so on..

One saturday in the temple, a couple of weeks ago, Ammu after completing the pradakshina of the deity, turned around to face me and did a namaskar saying ‘You are a God!’ and bowed to me. I was dumbstruck… amazed, pleased, astounded all at once. I have no idea how this thought came to her. Maybe she got it from my dad who always says that his parents are his God! I’m not sure…

This happened again a couple of times, when she was pleased by something (cant recollect what) that i had done for her … she bowed and said ‘You are a God mamma!’. I just smiled with love :)… there are no words that can express how i feel at such times!

Adi, on the other hand has his own cute way. He rarely obliges when we want to cuddle him or ask him for kisses. But when he is happy… like when i give him a bath or am making him wear his favorite dress or tell him a story… he pulls me close and smilingly plants a kiss! That says it all 🙂 It feels heavenly!!

Kids seem to have great observation skills and their analysis stumps you at times! Recently, my sis took up reading books/novels again. One evening she had been reading ‘Five point someone’.. actually nearing the end of the book, when Ammu says ‘why are you reading so much chitti?’. My sis: ‘your mamma also reads na…’. Instantly Ammu replies ‘You read only from evening till night but mamma reads from morning till night!’ 😀

These days, Ammu is obsessed with words and spellings. Anywhere she sees a word, be it in the newspapers or books, on packets, hoardings, name plates, clothes… anything, she spells it and asks us what it is. She has learnt to spell our names and calls us using the letters… like… she calls me m.a.m..m.a, my sis… j.i.n.u.c.h.i.t.t.i., her thambi a.d.i, … so on. One evening, we took the kids to a park nearby. Ammu says ‘Why karthi didnt come?’ to which i corrected her ‘say Karthi chitti.. why only karthi?’. ‘Because i know the spelling!’ comes the instant reply.

Then there are also the times when Ammu becomes the peace maker! And its usually me who gets the advise!! When my sis and i argue over certain things…she comes to me and asks ‘why are you angry with chitti?’ or ‘why are you scolding chitti?’. Maybe the tone of my voice makes her feel like that.. perhaps she knows i’m the older one bossing over them :). Sometimes there are altercations between dad and me … mostly regarding disciplining Ammu. After all the brouhaha, when i retreat to my corner.. she comes and tells me ‘mamma pls dont be angry with me and TaTa… he only takes care of us both na… he gives you your milk and chavanprash. So dont be angry with him and  i promise i’ll be good. Please be smiling mamma’. So there… how can anyone stay annoyed any longer? She is the trouble maker but then she is also the angel who by waving her wand makes everyone smile again!

I feel blessed to have such lovely moments in my life. I am marveling at the little ones, loving it and hogging it all 🙂 Praying and hoping that their ability to amuse and amaze stays on…