One evening in the gym, on the terrace of the apartment flat..

Adi : ‘i want to sit on the cycle’

Dad: ‘you wont be able to ride it now beta, your legs wont reach the peddle… you can do it once you grow up’

Next evening..

Dad: ‘Ok.. finish your snacks, then we’ll go to the terrace’

Adi: ‘baba.. aami bodo hoye gayeche?’ [baba.. am i grown up now?]


I was peeling the husk off the baby corn when Ammu came up to ask what it was..

Me: ‘This is baby corn’

Ammu: I want to see the baby… umm.. i want to see the corn

Adi: ‘I want to see the baby also!!!’


Last night after going to bed..

Ammu: ‘Mamma when it’ll be morning…i dont feel like sleeping.. i want it to be bright day! … why should we sleep?’

Me: We need to take rest, so that we get energy..

Ammu: But we can get energy by eating na..

Me *trying to explain *: We don’t get energy just by eating… the food goes to the stomach and gets digested there..

Ammu: what is digestion?

Me: the food gets mixed nicely .. like a paste .. and then it goes to the blood.. only then we get energy

Ammu: But why?

Me *as best as i could*: coz food just goes to the stomach, and we need energy for the brain and legs and hands.. so only if it is digested and gets into the blood, and the blood goes to brain, hands and legs… then we get energy!

Ammu: Oh!! then if we become verrry small.. and go inside somebody’s stomach.. we can see the food going into the blood???

Me:  🙄 *wondering where did that come from?*

some more time into the conversation.. i realized that her imagination was an effect of seeing people go into a demon’s or huge snake’s stomach .. on her favorite show Chota Bheem!!!


Conversation continued..

Ammu: Vijay mallya has lot of gold coins? she knows Vijay Mallya to be a rich man owning aeroplanes and having lots of money…from an earlier conversation while watching IPL match

Me *wondering why* : Yes ..maybe

Ammu: then he is a chor?

Me *shocked*: What!.. Why???

Ammu: because only kings will have gold coins na..

Me, again realizing the source of her imagination, explained that kings and gold coins used to be in earlier times.. now we have President, Prime minister and other ministers. and that we don’t use gold coins now!