More things about me :)

I have been tagged by Swati to write 7 more things about myself 🙂  thanks Swati!…

Why 7.. how and where it started.. no clue! but here i go……

1. i have an open mind.. am open to ideas, views, concerns and i care to hear people out and while at it i try to keep out any prejudice or bias.

2. i keep counting my blessings.. and am grateful that i can feel the  joy in simple things 🙂 these days.. my kids’ laughter, their cute dialogues, their innocent doings, their thoughtfulness .. everything fills me with joy!!  .. inspite of the many exasperating moments!!!

3. ‘Faith and Fear cannot coexist’.. i truly believe in this saying. i believe in God as a driving force.. someone to have faith in and not be afraid of.   My prayers are simple and mostly in my mind.. rarely ritualistic. But of course i do love to decorate the pooja room whenever possible and especially during festivals. The whole ambience of the pooja room with flowers, arisina-kumkuma, incense sticks, diyas …  fills me with a kind of peace .. therapeutic in a way!!

4. Two things i  truly wish i could do… sing and swim. Learning music and swimming are on the cards since long.. actually never been a priority. But the recent trip made me sincerely regret for not having learnt to swim 😦

5. i love to cook stuff for the kids which i think they’ll like .. nothing exotic but maybe something that would have asked for earlier.  But at times it so happens that they show no inclination to eat it 😦 and that upsets me .. i console myself saying kids are like that na ..

6. There is absolutely no connection between my educational background and my current work. i’m a post graduate in Botany, now working as a software tester!! how i landed here is a story in itself.. in fact .. even now my friends cannot comprehend how this came about!! That story was supposed to be my first blog post ever.. but never made it to the light of the day 🙂

7. Never been a ‘fan’ of anyone.. as in.. watching a movie just because a particular actor is starring in the movie, or any match just because of a particular player… and so on. Never had posters of movie stars or sporting stars adore my wall, cupboard or my desktop!!

There… done!!!

Image courtesy colouringpagesforkids

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  1. nice list there. i used to be a fan of sports/ tennis stars during school . but thats it. not anymore.i have favourites, but not like that teenage craze or anything. 🙂 n take up swimming. its great fun n exercise


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