As children we played silly pranks and tried to fool everyone around us on All fools day. There used to be a lot of enthusiasm.. and everyone waited to see what new trap the other one is coming up with. On this particular day..everyone used to be over cautious.. lest they be labelled ‘April fool’. For us.. this used to sometimes continue throughout the whole month.. coz a fool on any day of the month would be a April fool.. valid hai ๐Ÿ™‚

This day brings backย memoriesย of 2 particular instances.. surprisingly, not from childhood days (school days)!

* This one happened when ย me and my younger sis(K) were in B.Sc/PUC. April being vacation time or study holidays time… i think. We used to pack lunch for Dad. That day..we just put a note ‘April fool’ in his box.. no lunch. And luckily for us.. that day, along with the tiffin box, he was carrying a vase to keep in his cabin.. and that’s how he didnt figure out that the dabba is lighter than usual!

Me n my sis later on packed the lunch and reached his office just a little time after his usual lunch time. The office staff knew us well and were in smiles .. though they were trying to supress it. My dad acted surprised.. and tried to hide the fact that he had been fooled. But his smile gave him away!! And he truly enjoyed this prank of ours ๐Ÿ™‚ . It was the first time that we had tried some prank on him and all of us had a good laugh over it.

The beauty of this episode is that he still remembers it fondly on every April fools day!

* This second instance was a couple of years later.

My younger sis(K) was.. is.. n will be petrified of insects… if you can understand what that means ๐Ÿ™‚ ย m sure there will be many out there just like her .. hehe. Those were examination days and we used to sit in the hall and study in our chosen places… me on the sofa .. K using the chair/table n youngest one (J) on the mat on the floor. The youngest had decided to play a prank on the younger one * she knew that i will not be fooled or scared easily* and asked me to support her to which i agreed. Bang at 12.00 in the night, she ย shouted that a lizard fell on K. K, who was fully immersed in her math /physics .. started screaming and jumping and generally trying to shoo off whatever that was.

I was just coolly watching all this..didnt move an inch.. and had to try hard to suppress the laughter that was threatening to burst out! After some drama, J revealed that this was just a joke. The look on K’s face was one of disbelief. ย i explained to her that ‘had it been for real, would i just sit there with no reaction?’ Only then did she realise the whole thing. then there was a lot of hungama with K wanting her revenge and all of us laughing our guts out ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sure all of you have played ‘April fool’ pranks in your childhood or maybe even now you do that.. go ahead share some.. as comments or even better, as posts on your own blogs .. i would love reading those!!