* Ammu is now officially ‘promoted to 1st std’ !! I collected her test papers and progress report from her class teacher today. Teacher’s final word – ‘you have a very well behaved daughter’. Needless to say.. it brought back a lot of memories .. and new hopes. Time sure flies!!!

* Adi has been admitted to the Prenursery class in the same school as his didi. He is eagerly waiting for the day when he can go to school with didi in the same van πŸ™‚ . Right now..its summer vacations and both are having a whale of a time!!

* I have been busy with work .. and also reading all your posts πŸ˜› . Finishing up/giving final touches to the all important goal assignments before the appraisal discussions. Two more work related things..the sad part is that due to a business decision, our team has been downsized and i’m no longer a part of the team.. and the good part is that i may have some time to concentrate on other stuff or i may be part of another team… so something new to look forward to.

* And .. we are going on a team trip (2D/1N) to Ghatikallu near Chikmagalur. We had planned it long before the news of downsizing came. And we are very glad that we did!! All the team members share great bonding and theres good vibes all around.. so hope to enjoy this one and make it memorable, before parting ways Β πŸ™‚

* Two tags are in the pipeline. Hope to do those on coming back and hopefully some other posts as well πŸ˜€