… it was.. a short but eventful trip to Mysore…

We all had been waiting for this day.. ! the day of the Convocation!! My younger sis received her PhD degree in Mathematics after 6 years of research work!!! That she managed to complete it inspite of a full time job and then.. a toddler in hand.. overcoming many hurdles .. is a story in itself. To sum it up.. she achieved her goal braving the situations which would have made lesser mortals give up in sheer frustation! In fact she has been an inspiration to us .. making us believe that good things do come to those who have the will to persevere, faith in their work and of course loads of patience πŸ™‚

Then.. the Convocation itself had its share of drama. Only the previous evening we got to know that the governor and the chancellor of the university will not be distributing awards to Phd awardees; reason being the huge number of PhD holders this year. 301 to be precise which was unprecedented. My sis was disappointed..what with all of us landing in Mysore for this particular occassion 😦 we were also disappointed.. but tried not to add to her agony!
Somehow.. the university came up with alternate plans.. probably after getting lotz of brickbats for their goofup. The PhD holders would now receive their certificates from the Vice chancellor, in a separate function to be held in the evening. Some gratification there!!

So..we all cheered for her when she received her certificate, posed for pictures with her .. and topped it with a grand family dinner party πŸ™‚ .. Β by sis n her doting hubby!

For the next day we planned to go to the Chamundi hills in the morning and then to Balamuri and KRS [Brindavan gardens]. However, unwilling to wake up early and of course due to the heat , we dropped the visit to the hills. after a lazy Β morning and a hearty meal.. we started for Balamuri around 4.30 when the heat was a bit bearable.

I’m not sure what plans the others had.. but i was sure going to give the kids a feel of the waters! Luckily there were steps leading to the water. Once i stepped into the waters..my sis followed.. and we got Ammu n Adi to step in. They had a blast and didnt want to come out πŸ™‚ They finally relented when told that we’ll go to Brindavan gardens..where there’ll be lots of water n fountains..

Loving it πŸ™‚
We went to the Brindavan gardens after a really long time. lots has changed since then. Now, we directly drove to the entrance point which leads to the garden on the left and the bridge leading to the famous Musical fountains on the right. Though this seems convenient, i really missed walking on the dam, savouring the views on both the sides; the huge expanse of water on one side and the beautiful garden on the other! and then covering the entire garden from one end to the other!!

Now.. we have to go all the way on the left and come back to the starting point.. to go to the Musical fountain. No one complained though. The breeze came in strong from time to time and splashed the water from the fountains onto the passers by. Ammu n Adi too gave out excited shrieks.. and loved it all!! As their excitement soared, their patience to pose for photographs dwindled πŸ™„ They still managed to pose animatedly whenever requested πŸ™‚ and wereΒ relievedΒ to be let of to revel in the showers. They went.. ‘aaiiiii pinnnkkkk!!!!’ on seeing the pink fountains!! Their energy and enthu filled us with some .. we were more than happy that we made the trip..it was totally worth it.

And how can i not mention the Musical fountain… it was something very new and exciting for them! .. fountains dancing to the beats n rhythm of songs!! They were in awe.. and absolutely loved it too. And as is the norm with kids, they didnt want to come away when the show was over πŸ™‚

We returned home with aching legs but filled to the brim.. with smiles and cheer!! Ammu kept on telling me how much she enjoyed .. n that she was verrrryyy haaappppyyy πŸ™‚ Β What more can one ask for?