dheere se lage 😛

… memorable conversations from the weekend

Sis is correcting her students’ blue books [used for internal assessment tests in BE ]. Ammu is awed by the red pen and watches her closely.

After some time…  sis circles some portions in a book and marks it wrong.

Ammu *worriedly*: chitti why are you marking it?

Sis *matter of factly*: he hasnt written it correctly

Ammu *after a pause*: maybe his mamma didnt teach him correctly!!!!!!!!!!

Me n Sis 🙄 wondering what will happen of mammas if they need to teach the kids even after the primary school days are over… 🙄


A lighter one..

Me and Ammu reading the Diwali rhyme she missed out due to her absence. Adi is with us keenly watching his didi.

Me *from the book* :  Jalebi.. ladoo, khayega guddu

Ammu *giggling*:  how will guddu eat jalebi.. he’s in Mysore [she’s referring to our doggie Guddu]

Me *all smiles*:  Guddu need not be doggie, even he [Adi] can be called guddu..

Ammu *giggling again*:  even i’m Guddu.. i also keep biting you na .. 🙂 🙂