The cat’s out of the bag!

Tell Ammu  a secret..  and you can rest assured that it will reach the right audience 🙂

Enthused by the Artsy craftsy challenge, I started making a birthday card for my sister. Got the materials out and started cutting the coloured papers. Ammu was excited at seeing all the crafts stuff and the collection of old cards and random pictures cut out from old cards. While she was rummaging through them.. i told her that i’m making a card for chitti.. just to get her attention… and mainly to prevent any damage to my precious collection 🙂 .  After the initial distraction she continued her exciting activity of discovering pictures and cute stickers stuck onto the cards and the envelopes .. and she wanted to strip them off the cards n covers 😦 . In a further attempt to save my stuff.. i told her that the card is for chitti’s birthday and that she could use the covers then.. so let the stickers be. However, she let go of the them only when i told her that i’ll buy a new set for her. And the time i stuck the cut outs onto the card.. she was done with her discoveries and the cards n covers were all separated and strewn all over.. much to my fury [ she did get scoldings from me… i cannot tolerate things being strewn over and moreover this was my precious collection 😦 ]

Well..i guess i have digressed..

Last sunday we had been to my sis’ place . At an opportune moment.. Ammu stands beside my sis and whispers to me.. ‘i’ll tell her?’ i pretend not to hear her.. but she is as persistent as ever!! And i know the moment has come 🙂 .  I say OK.. but she wants me to promise her that i’ll make the card, i.e finish making it! After getting my nod.. she tells.. “mamma is making a card for you! 🙂 :)” .  So you see the cat is out of the bag! So dumb of me to have trusted her to keep the surprise 😦

She didnt stop at that. This weekend when we visited my sis [yes..its a weekly affair].. she gave her the details ” mamma has put heart shaped photos on the card .. mine and thambis”. She said it so fast that my sis didnt  figure out what it was!.. or so she said. Hmm.. a bit of surprise is still there i think..but only so long as she doesnt hop over here to see new updates 🙂 . She hasnt checked my posts for over a month now..and i think/hope that she will not check until 25th.. which is her birthday! I’ll keep my fingers crossed 🙂

So here it is .. my entry for Artsy Craftsy!
The birthday card!

My sis’ doodles always include flowers with heart shaped petals .. and so the heart shaped petals n buds with the budding buddies 🙂

Here is my inspiration for this birthday card! .. the cards made out of hand made paper at Ammu’s school.

The inspiration!

And another entry .. pom-poms made from tissue paper. I had seen this one a long time back but managed to make them only now.  Thanks to Shruti!

Tissue paper pom-poms 🙂

Yay! I’m glad i did it this time! Actually had a few more ideas .. that stay put in the mind for now 🙂 . We’ll do that during Ammu’s summer vacations… hopefully 😉

14 thoughts on “The cat’s out of the bag!

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  1. Lovely pompom ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

    This is my first time here.
    This entry had me laughing out loud, my older daughter is just like this, she CANNOT keep a secret 🙂


  2. OOps! the cat’s truly out of the bag!! You know, its not mandatory that u do a post on ur entries. Email would hav been fine!! But i’m glad u posted the pics. 🙂 they are awesome!!


    1. Thanks Shruti! I didnt see your post on didnt know that the last date had been extended to 22nd.. thats y i sent u the pics .. just before the deadline
      As for the post.. i needed to capture it .. to show Ammu how mischeivious she’s been 😉


  3. Hi Priya, thank you for your kind comments.

    and thankyou for leading me here.. there’s something of interest apart from mischief in this post .. I am into making my own cards too with rubber stamps.



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