It was ‘Show n tell’ exhibition at Ammu’s school last Friday n Saturday. This time, I just about managed to make a simple model of a fire station.Last year, it was a water park.

Actually, Ammu is not particular about the subject of her model/project, but she insisted that I make a model for her. This is such a sweet innocent stage, no thoughts of competition or race to be the best. Its just a time to enjoy doing such stuff and learning along the way!

It was a very quick one.. took about an hour and a quarter. And Ammu was very pleased and sooper excited that her model was ready, though at the eleventh hour! I took it to her school just in time *phew!*

Ammu's fire station!

Ammu was happy about the ‘show’ .. but not the ‘tell’. Anyways, it seems nobody asked her about it and so she was happy to give this excuse for not ‘telling’ about her model 🙂

Here are a few projects from her class..

Healthy foods n junk foods!
A Stadium!

This boy presented his model of the olympics stadium very well. Dont miss the lights with wiring n LEDs!

Save forests! Save the nation!!
Christmas crib n Rainbow
The Animal kingdom!
More animals!!

Forests, zoos, animals and parks are favorites with the nursery and pre-nursery kids.. n parents! Some of the more resourceful parents come up with intricate models of monuments, temples, etc.

Overall.. its fun!!! And a great time for creatively indulging with your little one 😛 . Nothing can beat the awe and look of admiration that you get on finishing the model/project 🙂

P.S: Go here, for the water park and other models’ pics from last year’s event..