Anecdotes that Ammu would love to know n remember… these are in no particular order ..

First teachers: Meera and Mohini … in her play school at Koramangala, B’lore ! Lovely people who introduced Ammu to the concepts of discipline and team work, instilled a love of learning and helped her to become a confident child..

Fave Friends: Abigail..from her play school, and Ullas !!

When Ammu first went to school … we had explained to her that her friends from the play school would now be going to different schools…  and that she will have to make new friends in her new school. On the first day, she was excited to go to school.. wearing uniform for the first time… carrying a proper school bag with books, pencil box and also a lunch bag :). The excitement doubled when i looked at the list of names of children in her class… and told her that Abigail will also be in the same class 😀 as her!!!

Fave Movie: Dhoom.. she watched it at the age of 2 … fell in love with the ‘boys’ , the song and the fight sequences, especially the one at the end; John Abraham’s red shoes catching her fancy [i hadnt noticed it till she mentioned]. She has made us watch this movie..may be a hundred times..and still gets excited when she catches a glimpse of it while surfing the channels…she makes us watch it yet again [we cannot veto her choice!]

First movie in a theatre: Mungaru Male..she kept running up and down the aisle; didnt trouble us one bit 🙂 n lovvved the rabbit in the movie!!

First movie in a theatre .. esp for her: Roadside Romeo … first time in PVR; she lovvvved the experience, esp since it was meant for her and that she could understand it in her own language of cartoons :D. Loved it so much that she refused to get up from her seat even as people ready for the next show were getting in.. had to forcibly bring her out, much to her disappointment and fury!!

Fave Boys *thats what she calls the heroes*: The initial list included : Good boys – Abhishek bachan, Uday Chopra, SRK and Bad boy – John Abraham.

Now the list includes …Ranbir kapoor, Aamir khan, Shahid Kapoor…

She’s most fascinated by John Abraham and he is no longer the bad boy!!!

Fave Girls *the heroines*: there was no favourite until Deepika Podukone [thats how she says it] appeared on the scene. Now at every post/pillar or hoarding of BSNL, she makes sure to tell me.. ‘mamma..Deepika Podukone landline’

Now the list includes … Katrina, Kareena, Priyanka…

First Fave song: ‘Dhoom machale..’ , of course 🙂

Some other favourites  which she used to sing enthusiastically… ‘Singh is king..singh is king..’, ‘main hoon Romeo..Romeo..’

Now she doesnt sing much..but loves to watch a lot many… esp the ‘love mera hit..hit’ featuring  SRK and Deepika.

Fave colours: Pink!! and of course Red :)… her obsession with Pink has rubbed off on Adi .. so much so that… he insists on wearing a pink chaddi only 😀

Ammu now says that she likes most other colours including brown but no Blackkk for her ..

Fave dress: ‘Party dress’ she loves to dress up and most evenings when i return home… she’s dressed up in some party dress with help from my Dad… he can never say ‘no’ to her requests. Among these… she lovvvvves the ghagra choli…coz it has her favourite duppatta to go with it!! Actually… she loves to wear a dupatta with most of her outfits…

Fave people: Ammu’s typical line..  ‘I like mamma, thata, thambi, Jinu chitti, Karthi chitti, Rishi, Ram uncle, Avva [my grandmom]’… includes everyone in her immediate circle 😀

First bawl: [Jan 2007] Her favourite chitti is getting married… Ammu loves all the festivities and the grand dresses lined up for her for each occasion. Enjoys all the fun and the photo shoots… [she was the photographers favourite]… The wedding over and chitti says bye to go with her hubby’s family.. all of a sudden Ammu bursts out … shocking everyone of us, as it was totally unexpected and sudden. She was so angry with the chittis hubby for taking her away, that she refused to speak to him for almost a month even though they had been very good friends before the wedding 🙂

Fave activity: Drawing… Ammu loves to doodle and i’m amazed at her creativity. Colouring is a close second and it depends on her mood… Next favourite is writing out things she learnt at school… In this regard she is totally non fussy… and a supply of papers, pencils and colours are all i need to keep her happy 🙂  When asked if she wants to be a painter.. she replies confidently ‘drawinger’ !!

Hmm … remembering all this has brought a smile to me… I’m sure Ammu will also enjoy reading this 🙂