I had been wanting to start a blog… since a long time.. but something held me back! Not the fear of writing, i’m sure… i had always managed to write out intense feelings… in a book, a diary or even on scraps of paper. I wrote letters in my mind..i do even now! But then something stopped me from blogging..maybe it was the fear of my feelings being exposed to the world.. for, I’m a very private person.

One day i just started writing in this space of mine… feeling secure in the thought that privacy settings should help me if ever i needed. And lo! the blog was born!! πŸ˜€ Β It was just me and close ones who knew of its existence. I wrote for myself.. tried to capture some feelings..some moments to cherish…whenever I could find time… my target was at least one post a month. I didnt read any blog at that time 😦 .. was totally oblivious of its existence and never tried to find or explore…

It all began with a link sent by my sister…and then began my journey as a true blogger !! I jumped from link to link devouring all that i could in my limited time[reading had been relegated to the background since Ammu’s birth]…posted comments when my thoughts truly resonated… and felt absolutely elated when i started getting comments on my small n simple posts !!! Now, I find myself open to friendships with absolute strangers who are not at all strangers…how strange is that!!

I’m kinda blogomaniac these days… not that i post daily… but i’m looking for posts..posts and more posts…and am up-to-date in reading all the blogs that i’ve discovered and liked so far πŸ˜€

One year of blogging, across 2 blogs, and I’m glad I’m still at it :). And its my 25th post here!! Met my targets… yay!!! Many heartfelt thanks to all who pass by… and especially the special ones who care enough to brighten my day by leaving their sweet comments here…

Hoping to capture many more cherishing moments and make lotsa Β friends …on this yatra of mine πŸ™‚