that I never went to a school… 😦

I was observing Ammu writing the number names from 11 to 20. At ‘eighteen’…

Me *pointing to the word* : the two e’s here look like ‘u’…

Ammu *visibly annoyed* : this is how ma’am has taught me to write ‘e’… it is not ‘u’

Me *trying to explain* : it is ‘e’ but the two e’s look like ‘u’

Ammu *firmly* : tomorrow i’ll take you to school in my van… even without you taking bath and getting ready… then you can see how we should write ‘e’

Me *suppressing a giggle* : i know how to write ‘e’ …my teacher taught me that …in my school

Ammu *non chalantly* : but you dont know cursive writing!!

Me: *bolti bandh*  !!!!!!!*@#$%*