..in all the languages floating around in our home… essentially tamil, kannada, english and bengali. The mix of the languages makes it all the more hilarious…

I hide the cell phone…in an attempt to save it.
Me: phone engey irukku?
Adi: kaaka tuki gelo…


Adi: ‘adu venum’  pointing to something on the table
His dad: konta venum?


Ammu gets a shawl to cover herself while doing her homework
Me: what happened?
Ammu : kosu is biting..  😦


Conversation starter…

Adi’s favorite question: edenna?  pointing to anything at all …
To counter him, we ask him the same and he goes.. ‘idu’..’idu’…’idu’…even though he knows the answer … and it goes on..


On Diwali night, watching the crackers lit by his father
Adi*grinning*: patiya bomma? suinnnnnnnnn… dhum patas…


Ammu had been asking for gulab jamoon… on the second consecutive day …

Ammu*when she woke up from her nap*: chitti …i want gulab jamoon

Adi: Didi *reassuringly..with a wide grin*: ki chai?..gulab jamoon? Baba nee aasbe…   🙂 🙂


One fine morning..while having breakfast .. Adi  spilled water…

Even as his father was about to say something, Adi *non chalantly*: chinta nai


My youngest sister’s in laws were visiting us on Diwali eve. After some snacks and crackers session , all of us proceeded to my other sister’s [Adi’s] house. While they were preparing to leave, my sis offered the customary arisina-kumkuma with a cocunut/blouse piece to the MIL and then to me as well..

Ammu *with a questioning look to me*: What … you are newaa? 😕


Dad has a habit of offering a bite to anyone who happens to be around him while eating…

Once while I was making Ammu eat her dinner…dad offered me a bite…

Ammu to me: What… you are a babyyy?  😕


Adi these days just refuses to go to the bathroom to do susu … he just does it wherever he is … Sis and her hubby are tired of this and more so when they have to keep changing his chaddi…frequently. On one such instance, my sis was requesting Ammu to get the chaddi

Sis: jaana mari…thambige chaddi thagondu barappa…please…

Ammu *who usually obliges* : noooooooo….

Adi *observing all this.. went to Ammu*: ‘jaaaaanu mari….jaaaaanu mari…..’

Needless to say Ammu was flattered…went ahead and brought the chaddi for him


On the origin of ROFL … 🙂

Ammu and Adi were playing hide n seek…whenever Adi caught a glimpse of his sis… he was ROFL and then I realised how this phrase would have come about…

I had never seen someone ROFL before … except the yahoo smiley of course…