The ‘annual day’ arrived finally :). It was a beautiful morning… Ammu woke up excitedly and got ready without any fuss. Dressed in her white attire she looked like an Angel indeed! She said she was hungry and ate proper breakfast…I was glad and relaxed that she wouldnt go hungry till her performance finishes.

We reached the venue on time. All the kids were assembled back stage… all excited and chatting away merrily with their friends. Some were waiting for their turn for ‘makeup’…others were getting ready with unusual costumes. Couple ย of the prenursery kids were crying…probably feeling lost in the green room…and their teachers making an effort to calm them ๐Ÿ™‚

Ammu’s class would be performing the Welcome dance. It was scheduled to be the first one…post a short break after the pre nursery kid’s items.

The programme began with an invocation to Lord Ganesha by one of Ammu’s best friends. I was amazed at his confidence ..singing solo in front of the huge gathering. The performances were all cute… the kids mostly looking at their teacher for cues. The teachers too had to perform…to keep the group was fun :).

The break was announced and parents of the pre nursery kids were requested to take the children. Ammu’s group was positioned on the stage ..for their performance after the break. We were eagerly waiting for the break to be over…n then came the announcement ย ‘the welcome dance is postponed due to some technical issue…it will be the last item of the morning session’. ย Of course we were not too happy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The other performances ย went on… we cheered for the little ones with bright new costumes and happy faces… all excited about this Annual day. But as time wore on … Adi became restless … and we could no longer keep him in one place. the phrase ‘Didi will dance now’… didn’t have any effect. ย And so were most of the kids in the auditorium. Parents were flitting in and out in an attempt to keep them amused as well as catch up on the dances..

Finally all the items listed in the programme schedule were over except the Welcome dance. Unexpectedly, the lights came on and the parents started moving out. We were confused and started wondering if the Welcome dance was cancelled altogether. Just then, the announcer made a request to the parents to be seated…for the Welcome dance. The screens parted and the kids were all in position. The music started..but that was not the one … as we could make out from the kids expressions. It stopped abruptly… there seemed to be some problem with the CD. This happened a couple of more times..and the kids who were kneeling … squatted comfortably on the stage. We bagan to lose hope…

Then… the music began…the kids positioned themselves and danced gleefully… with no trace of annoyance whatsoever. Ammu looked cheerful and danced with a smile on her lips. We were thankful… the item was not cancelled.The programme ended with a note of thanks from the Director of the school.

We went back stage…the kids were cheerful… not hungry and cranky from the wait…as we had worried. Ammu happily said ‘ma’am gave us water n biscuits n juice’. I felt dumb.. having worried unnecessarily. Anyways…at the end of it all, I was glad ๐Ÿ™‚ n thought ‘All is well that ends well!!’ ๐Ÿ™‚