Ammu will be performing for the first time… in a group dance. It is going to be the welcome performance on the Annual day..thats what i figured from the song that she sings :). I’m excited!

The first day they started practicing…she  was excited about it. She started to show me the first steps and then abruptly… stopped n said ..i dont want to dance! Apparently, she wasn’t getting some step that her teacher had taught her.

She said ‘i dont like the dance … 1, 2, 3, 4 … see in the TV … they just put the music and start dancing!’.  I was like … no words :???:. I went on to explain that … her teacher is right and that is how dance is taught … in steps … 1,2,3,4 … and that the people on TV also practise a lot this way before actually dancing to the music! She  tried to understand what i was saying … but didn’t seem convinced :(. Kept on saying ‘i don’t want to dance … i wont go to school … ma’am will make me dance‘ … n such things. I couldn’t quite figure out why she became so reluctant all of a sudden. I reassured her that she didn’t have to dance if she really didn’t want to … that i’ll call her teacher and tell her this. Only then she calmed down and agreed to go to school the next day. Next morning also she kept on asking me to call ma’am. After lot of reassuring she boarded her school bus … I was relieved! Of course i didnt call her teacher… n luckily for Ammu … she was on leave that day, … which meant no practice.

Thereafter … i dont know what changed her mind … she is happily practicing. Every evening when i go back home, she rehearses in front of me :). Every other day she’s excitedly saying..

mamma … ma’am showed the dance dress…its white one just like my flower day dress

mamma … today ma’am gave us pim pom for practice..’ 🙂

mamma … today ma’am made us wear the dresses … like this only .. on top of the uniform 🙂 … all were looking like princesses!… but not for the boys mamma….’ 😦

She’s all excited about this…I’m excited too…have always been about dance! I have been secretly hoping she’ll be interested in  dance and music/singing…only time will tell. For now… I’m wishing and hoping that she’ll enjoy this… 🙂