• I see Ammu/Adi sleeping peacefully
  • Adi comes looking for Ammu as soon as he wakes up.. 🙂
  • Daddy kisses me bye while i’m leaving home
  • Ammu n Adi start their ‘my mamma…my bomma…’ competition…grabbing me n hugging me
  • My sisters call me up n share their joys n worries…however small or big..
  • Adi comes to me…looks at me with a quaint expression in his eyes and plants a kiss on my cheek 🙂
  • Ammu comes to me while I’m busy with some chore and says .. ‘muttum..muttum’…she goes back happily after the exchange of hugs n kisses 🙂
  • My brothers (in law) do all they can when i’m in need … when they say reassuring things to quell my anxieties..
  • I’m deep in some thought…and Ammu asks me ‘why are you sad mamma?’
  • I can feel that they always want the best for me…

These are just some of the special moments that make life worthwhile..

Overall, there’s peace in knowing that you are loved and accepted for what you are. I feel grateful for this and for the fact that I’m aware of this and can appreciate the beauty of all these moments.