This Diwali, I got Ammu’s silk pavadai lengthened, so that she can wear it for a few more days…Though it is an old one…it lends that traditional feel to the festivities…which we all love. So I set about getting her ready …when, my sister lamented that she cannot indulge in such things as she has a son… 😦 .

On the spur of the moment, I brought out another one of Ammu’s pavadai’s which was of the same color combination as her silk one … my sister was delighted at the idea πŸ™‚

Adi, very excited to wear his sister’s pavadai , strutted about showing off his new outfit. We made him wear Ammu’s bangles, necklace, tied his hair in a pony and also put a bindi….

Ammu n Adi!
Ammu n Adi!
:) :)

Lovely na.. wonder what he’ll have to say to this when he grows up ..