My diwali project

Last Diwali, my sister’s father-in-law painted some nice designs on theΒ black Kaddapah stone slab in the Devaramane. Inspired by that, i had been wanting to do the same inΒ my new home. So.. this is what i have done!

Front view
The Borders!
The Borders!
Full view!
Full view!

I also painted the border designs of the clay diyas with gold…n they looked beautiful! No pics of them though :(… just a peek at the bottom corner of this last pic… This exercise took much more time than i had expected… and left me little time to make Diwali sweets.

In the evening, my sister came home with Adi and we both managed to just about make the shankarpalis and a cake that my sis had planned for [she’s trying her best to master the art of baking a cake πŸ™‚ ]. With Adi around, this was no less than a feat πŸ˜€

P.S: Linking this to September Artsy Craftsy at Mindful Meandering..


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