As part of the fun activities, Rangoli competion was organised at our office; the announcement email came just 3 days prior to the D-day. Enthusiatically, our whole team sent in the nominations as 2 groups of 4 members. But the very next day, unexpectedly, a considerable amount of high priority work came up 😦 , forcing us to withdraw our nominations. However, on the D-day, just when the reminder email came in, our PM asked me and N to go and participate. It came as a complete surprise; we had no idea what could be done as we had not made any preparations and just 30 minutes were left.

Just a couple of days before; on the day we had sent the nomination, i had come across an easy technique to make simple rangolis on festivals. I shared this with N and we decided to make a rangoli, somewhat on these lines. So we went ahead and purchased some flowers on our way to the venue. Our rangoli was quite an impromptu one, except for the ganesha design in the middle. Also, we did not use the cone and the seive… so the result was not as good as the one which was our inspiration.

Nevertheless….here it is :).

Our Impromptu Rangoli !!
Our Impromptu Rangoli !!

We  got nice crystal perfumed candles for the participation. And the judges for the day told us that ours was close competition to the winners’ rangoli’s… quite cool for an impromptu rangoli :D. What say ;).