Some nuggets from our daily conversations…

We have a laminated photograph of my dad, that was kept on top of the book case. Couple of days ago..when i returned from office, I noticed it was kept on a table in Ammu’s room.

Me: why is daddy’s photo was better on the book case..

Ammu: He kept it here…coz i only told him to…[i stopped from saying what i was about to…no point countering her decision]. She continued… “when i come to the room to take something, i’ll be scared; but if tata’s [grandpa’s] photo is here..i’ll not be scared no mamma”

It warmed my heart to hear this…absolutely unexpected …reasoning from her.

Another one..

Last weekend, my sis n her hubby had to go shopping and decided to drop my nephew at our place. When i told Ammu this…she was happy n said…i’ll take thambi to play. Then after a pause… “no..i think i’ll not take him there”. I looked at her enquiringly…

She said.. “some children are good and some children are bad..what if the bad children beat him or throw sand on him..thats why i dont want to take him n go…”

I wonder at their bonding though they are not siblings in the true sense.

Ammu is all of 5 years and these little things coming from her amazes me no end…n warms my heart in a very healing way! But that’s her…honey sweet…sensitive…sensible. “She is an angel …as her chittis say…when she is not the hot headed stubborn one that is πŸ˜‰

Who says ..we get wise with age…i think kids are wiser and clearer in their thoughts, ..actions and decisions… than we can ever be, given their Β limited knowledge and access to resources. Or is this limitation their strength…I wonder….