• to play ….with the idli mould, mixie jars, spoons and bowls… 🙂
  • to experiment with dabbas and dhakkans
  • to poke around with pens and pencils
  • to catwalk in his didi’s, momma’s, bomma’s chappals…whichever he can lay his hands..oops…legs on 🙂
  • to scribble something on a piece of paper and call out ‘bomma..see there’
  • to pull out stuff from wardrobes and drawers…giving a naughty look to anyone around
  • to take away all handy cellphones and run as fast as possible..
  • to silently throw stuff into the dustbin…one day my dad’s cellphone had landed there!
  • to go excitedly into the newly installed lift …‘lifte jaabo…’
  • to watch 9xm…he expects that his new favorites …masakali, om mangalam, golmaal..and such…are aired at all the times
  • to empty my bag of its contents..in a bid to get his kaju … see proof below…kaju packet at the right bottom corner in the pic..
Adi..caught in the act!

I guess most kids enjoy doing all of these…

Toys….be it soft toys or even the ones with the wheels and stuff…hold their interest for very little time. Probably, the toys become too predictable in a short time and do not satisfy their innate need for exploring and experimenting…I guess..

When Ammu was about  2 years old, my granma used to preserve all her ‘vicco vajradanti’ and other colourful dabbas, bottles, etc saying that the baby can play with these. I still remember how we had scoffed at the idea…wondering why she still lived in the old times… But how wrong we were!…me and my sisters!!                                                                     Aah…the wisdom… from all those years of nurturing children and grandchildren….we should have known not to question that…even in thought!

Ammu never bothered much for the colourful toys..beyond the initial excitement. And…its the same with Adi. It is always the dabbas and dhakkans, mixie jars, the spoons n bowls ..and of course the chappals, that have been more engaging and interesting than any of the toys  … 😀