The year gone by..n..the year ahead!

On birthdays..its mostly about the year ahead…. Wishes and blessings for a great new year! …and seldom about the year gone by ๐Ÿ™‚

This birthday, however, is different…a kind of milestone; both, for me and Ammu. The past year has been full of activities and accomplishments, some expected and some just out of the blue.

On the personal front, my committments (read financial :P) are doubled as I now own a house; a humble apartment in this great city of opportunities. The best part is that I’m now spared from the hassles of house hunting and relocating every few (2 – 3) years. I have gone through this, thrice in this city and it is something that i loathe. ย I’m glad and grateful that we finally have a ‘permanent residence’ to call our own. Hope this will give me more time to concentrate on my daughter and also my own personal and professional growth.

This past year has also been significant on the professional front; I did my CSTE certification with good scores, did a company sponsored ‘Internal Auditor’ certification, wrote a best practices paper that got published on the company website… remains to be seen if I can surpass these in the current year ..

As for Ammu, the past year was the start of her formal schooling. It was exciting for her, she bagged prizes on ‘sports day’ and ‘flowers day’ competitions. In fact, she took active interest in all the creative assignments and the excitement was very evident to us. Speaking of academics, she scored good marks/grades and got promoted to UKG… ๐Ÿ™‚

This year, she started ‘full day’ school exactly on her birthday. This ia a great milestone as it marks the beginning of a new phase, a major one that will last another 15 years or so…

And how can i not mention Adi!…our super cool guy!!…with a super naughtyย twinkle in his eyes!!!

He’ll start preschool this year and am sure he’ll enjoy it thoroughly…and also give some tough time to his buddies and teachers at school. I’m also sure that no one will complain…coz he’s absolutely sweet and adorable …and does all the cute things at just the right time!…wonder from where he learnt these skills!!

Here’s wishing my kids ‘happy learning’ and a ‘happy journey’…hoping that they’ll find the right people; buddies and teachers/guides, who will help them enjoy their journey and steer them towards worthy goals. I hope school/learning/academics, will be a fulfilling, enriching experience for them…something they’ll cherish and look forward to as they go along.. ๐Ÿ™‚


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