Birthdays…are wonderful and full of excitement

@ preschool …it should be your ‘happy bday’ whenever you feel like it…to be surrounded by balloons and fave people … celebrations not complete without cutting a cake

@ school days…waiting eagerly for the happy b’ wear ‘colour’ dress to the school and distibute little chocolates/toffees to everyone..

@ college…waiting to show off the new clothes/accessories, eager to party with friends and have a bash

@ marriage…looking forward to a romantic day filled with cute and loving surprises

@ kids…looking forward to their be a part of their excitement and wonder…to become a child again

My darling had a grand birthday this year..thanks to all her fave people who made it possible! She wore her light pink dress to school and distributed pink lollipops and pink pencils to her friends and classmates!! She was happy and excited .. and radiated her happiness to everyone around her.

Here’s wishing my baby a life of bliss and contentment!! May she radiate smiles and happiness wherever she goes.


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