For a considerable part of her vacation, Ammu has been able to be with her brother, Adi. And this entailed that we [me and my dad] also stay with her at my sister’s place. It was quite a convenient arrangement; the kids had each other for company and I didn’t have to bother much about ways to keep her occupied during vacation. And more adults meant – responsibilities shared and less crankier kids.

It has been a treat to see them bond…showing affection, playing, screaming over the same toy…laughing, giggling over silly games, singing , dancing, fighting… the list goes on…Such is the effect that even the thought/memory fills us with so much joy and’s just incomparable to anything else in the world..
Here are a few scenes that stand out…

  • The two look out for each other first thing when they wake up. They’re happiest when they see each other after a good nap..or a good night’s sleep
  • Post dinner is fun time…affection between the two soars and activity levels go so high,…they love playing n jumping on the bed…,that it becomes difficult for us to separate them and put them to sleep
  • Both of them are tuned in to music; Adi more so…right from when he was around 5-6 months. His fave requests now.. ‘Om jagam’ [ Om Jai Jagadeesh Hare] mostly directed to his Momma, ‘Ding Dong’ [nursery rhyme- ding dong bell] directed to me, and ‘Daagi Dugi’ from his dad. He is never satisfied with one rendering of the song…it goes on and on…
  • Adi mimicking Ammu’s way of crying…such innocence ..I’m smiling as I type this..
  • Ammu trying to speak in Bengali…in an effort to make her brother understand something…or to stop him from doing something..

And …the most hilarious scene …

  • Their ‘chitti’ [my youngest sis] calls up …n hell is let loose. Both her fans vying with each other to grab the phone.. screaming, pinching, beating…crying..what a scene that was..we sisters couldn’t help rolling over in laughter at all this..

Will add more stuff as and when i recollect…maybe another post..